Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Day at the Lake

I am so sore. Why? You might ask.

Well... Let's just say I held on for my dear life for minutes at 20-25 miles per hour on an inflatable tube.... That's right. It went tubing.

Yesterday, it was a special holiday for my state because that's when it first became an official state of America. Like most families, we went to the lake to enjoy ourselves. My uncle has a boat and invited all of the nieces and nephews (so Shiny Sun, my cousins, and I) to go to the lake on their boat. It's a nice boat but it's not as big as my other uncle's, which is just fine. We spent there the entire day. At first, it was cloudy and windy so no one wanted to go on the tube. So, my cousin drove us (he's the same age as me but could drive the boat with an adult watching him.)
 Our tube looked liked this one

Once we could start tubing, guess who had to go on first? This girl. This girl who hasn't been on a boat since she was 9. But this girl is one for adventure. So, I went on the tube first with my cousin-twice-removed. You have no idea how scared I was. I couldn't see anything because I couldn't have my glasses on and I had a hard time getting my grip. My "partner" fell a few times but I never did...

I went on a few times again and never fell off but after 10 minutes of holding on for dear life, I let go due to exhaustion and hurt knees. (My knees were skidding across the water and I couldn't do anything about it!) After the constant bruising, I had to let go and not go back on.

My little sister, Shiny Sun, actually went tubing too. She's a little girl but she can hold on to that thing like me. She kept riding over and over again and never wiped out. Not bad for a first timer. And she was actually having a ton of fun too.

Where all the burning happened
We all had to take turns riding the boat so some of us would be in the picnic area while the others were on the boat. And since there were a ton of teenage boys in our family, what did they do to keep from being bored? They played with fire. They put sticks into the hot charcoal and then pulled out those sticks and burn innocent bugs, write on the cement, or melt things. I swear, they are all pyros.

Either way, I had a lot of fun spending time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Boating was fun and so was tubing. Only problem is, I'm sore from holding for my life. At least I work my upper muscles. :P I'm not too happy about the bruised knees though.
♥Your sore Petpet

Tubing picture belongs to rightful owner!

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