Friday, October 5, 2012

Greetings from Fort Ridley

Hi there, I'm back!  Well, not quite.  Err, that is, sort of.
Okay, let me explain:
Just before school started, I got a chance to go onto Poptropica and visit some of the new islands.  Once school started, I've managed my time well enough to pop on once in a while (though for much shorter time periods).  I checked out the Poptropica Friends page, added the Pop. creators to my friends list, played Poptropolis Games, Wimpy Boardwalk, the then-demo for Lunar Colony, discovered that Legendary Swords had been released for all to complete, and found out that the Hideout moved over here.  Then after reading a post on the Poptropica creator's blog that hypothesized whether anyone would succeed in placing first in each Poptropolis event, I determined to set the record.  After lots of practice and some frustration, I finally did it!  (Okay, the first half of that sentence was an understatement.)  The score I showed for the previous trilogy of posts was doctored up for the story, so here's my real score:
Well, I asked Petpet if I could write a trilogy post describing my experience, and a post on tips and tricks for winning each event on Poptropolis Games.  When she said yes, I got set up over here and started working a little bit on the trilogy whenever I could.  That was all before school started up, and now I just have enough time to work on a post a little bit at a time when I have something to say.  That's why I said that I'm only "sort of" back.  ...So...that's that.
Why are you staring at me like that?

No.  You wouldn't be interested.

No, I'm sure you really wouldn't be.

You are?

Well, if you insist.  Okay, so I started off on a theme with outer space because Lunar Colony was the newest island at the time I started writing the "trilogy."  (Yes it's taken me that long to get it done.)  To keep the titles interesting and on theme, I referenced Star Wars movies IV, V, and VI with the titles "A New Hope," "The Empire Strikes Back," and "The Return of the Jedi."

Yeah, if you thought those sounded familiar then you were right.  Now stop interrupting me.  I also wanted to pull in Legendary Swords, because when I logged in I discovered that if was no longer "Free+" but "Free," thus it was still rather new to me.  (You know what I mean by Free and Free+ right?  Good.)  Now, on a slightly different note (I'll tie it in in a sec.), when I tried to get first in each event for Poptropolis, it took me a ton of practice tries.  Finally I was at a point were I got quite a bit accomplished, but I got just a tad bit too careless trying to get it done by the end of that day (remember this was before school started), and messed it all up.  So I had to start all over again.  It was at that point when I really started to fail and I couldn't get many successes.  Frustrated, I finally gave up and called it quits for the day.  Then, the next day, I did great!  Within a few hours I had finished it all with a perfect score!  Okay, back to the story.  At first, I wanted to work into the story how Seagull slowly started to fail and do worse and worse until he found out the problem was that the forces of E. Vile were against him, and once he defeated E. Vile's army, he suddenly did much better.  Well, I decided that would take far too long to describe, so I shortened it to what you read.  ...Not to mention that I wasn't sure how to write the original version without using phrases like "refreshing the webpage" and "restarting the island."

Yeah, I agree.

Yeah, definitely, that wouldn't have worked at all.  ANYWAYS, if you'll let me continue, I'll wrap up real quick and let you get back that object is that you were tinkering with over there.  The escape of the captain and his surprise at reaching Poptroica at the start of "A New Hope" represented me being surprised I had time to go on after this long.  The games semi-represented my working at winning Poptropolis Island, and the "crystalline wall" represents where you picked up Legendary Swords after it was opened to the public, that is, if you had previously completed as much as possible while LS was still Free+.  Also, the launch sequence for the rocket at the end of "The Return of the Jedi" is actually a reference to our space shuttle program.  I felt the launch sequence I used would work because the Poptropica space program is rather different from the real space program, and since the PASE rocket was not representing the original Apollo missions, but rather a time dominated by the Space Shuttle era in the real world, I figured the development in launch sequencing for PASE would be more directly related to NASA's Space Shuttle launch sequence than their Apollo launch sequence.
Okay, now to break a couple of would-be myths: when I wrote about the oxygen tank explosion, I had no idea that it could be a reference to the damage to the fuel tank of the rocket for Lunar Colony, because the island had not been released for non-members when I wrote that, nor did I realize that my reference to the asteroid belt could be foreshadowing the island's plot line as well.  Additionally, who's Little Clam???  Well, he's not really a character I know, and he's just what writers like to call a "stock character," that is, someone who does not change in the story.  Finally, what in the world is a "Luxceler?"  Well, simply put, I made it up.  To go into more detail, however, "lux" is Latin for "light," and "celer" is Latin for "speed," thus together you get a "scientific" term for "lightspeed."  You may have heard of a derivative or two for "lux": lucid, translucent, luminous.  I'm certain you've heard of acceleration and deceleration.  Those are derivatives of "celer."
Well, that's a small look into what some of the things in the "trilogy" mean and where some of them came from, and I hope you enjoyed the story!

Huh?  Say what?

Oh, I'm sorry, thanks for reminding me.  I did ask Petpet if I could write a post about tips and tricks for Poptropolis Games Island, and I still plan on writing it.  However, I'm going to be taking the PSAT on the 17th, and I don't want to go "brain dead" working on the computer.  So, with this I'm going to sign off on writing until after I take the PSAT.  See ya then!

(P.S.  For those of you who know me from the Poptropica Secrets, I guess most of you do...I'm sorry, but I won't be coming back there, because of time.  There is just so much to do on the forum, and so much that I'd get wrapped up into by my own accord.  I wouldn't have time to say much more than hi, so it wouldn't really be worth it.  Besides, any role-plays I joined now would go really slowly if I were to be able to keep up with them. :p  Something you should also know is that when I was on the forum, I really didn't have as much time as I spent there, and I don't want that to happen again.  I'm really not supposed to go on anymore anyway.  Still, I'll be here though!)


  1. (I don't want to swear, so this will be put in my version of "lightly..") Holy crab apple pie, Busy! [Oops, I forgot what my last comment said...i MEANT Cpt., of know..yeah.] Thanks for saying somehting about the PSF (I was asking PP 'bout that not too long ago). But on another note, also thank you for telling about kinda how you put the story together, the facts and such, and woah, I didn't think you would be a person to make up weirds, there, man.. that really cracked me up..*blush* But anyways...It seems you are getting some of a, I'd say, "more of a modern teen's lingo" now. xD ^-^ It's great to hear from you again, I'll be sure to be reading! ;]

  2. Good to hear from you again, BS!! Remember meh? Da awesmazing bunneh lover? Yeah, that's me! Awww, thanks for telling us about not coming back to the PSF......... More dots, reminiscing the old times....... But still, we'll miss you like heck. Anyhow, its good to see a good old giant block of writing again, it keeps me occupied for a while, thinking out what everything means. Ah, Im rambling again. :P Anyways, ya better come on here often, otherwise I will hunt you down (Well, not really. But you know what I mean~)!!!!

    ~*Da Fluffybunzy*~

  3. @NGA: Lol, you're welcome, you're welcome, and lol. ;-) I'm not exactly sure that I get what you mean about "modern teen's lingo" though...I assume you were talking about "Luxceler?" Hehe, I was actually trying to be scientific, since that's one way a scientist would create a new name.

    @DL: What? Did you think I'd forget? Lol, not a chance! Yeah, I still remember ya'll and even the gist of some of the conversations we've had, but I haven't been on the forum because 1) I've been busy, 2) I'm a junior in highschool now so I don't have the time anymore to go on the PSF, 3) I never really did have that time (:o), and finally 5) I'm not supposed to go on anymore. But I'm sure ya'll will keep me up to date on any important stuff right? :)


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