Wednesday, October 30, 2013

People like me?

This is really random but yesterday, something really strange happened to me.

So I was standing outside of school with my friend. We were waiting for our rides home and we were just talking about different things. Then all of the someone, a Hispanic guy I don't even know comes up to me, taps my shoulder and said, "Hey. I just wanted to say that my homie here," he pointed to his 'homie,' "likes you."

At that point, I was thinking to myself:

This is a guy I have never seen before in my life and he said he likes me? My only response was an awkward "Okay," because I was in a heated discussion with my friend... And I just didn't know how to respond.

It just kinda took me by surprise because it's rare for someone random to just come up to me and say "He/I like(s) you."  Since this was a guy I don't even know, then I'm guessing he's saying I'm attractive?... Whaaaaat?! (If my friend or someone I knew came up and said that to me though, then I know they are talking about more than just looks. )

So now, I'm thinking "maybe they were just joking around. My friends and I do that sometimes." I didn't really pay attention to their facial expressions because, I was in a heated discussion with my friend. Maybe if I did, I could tell of they were joking or not... (Plus, he wasn't that attractive either... Just saying.)

Either way, hearing someone say that to me is so rare that I had to tell someone!... So why don't I just post it on the Internet for thousands to see...? (Hooray me!)

Has this ever happened to you? I want to hear stories if you do! :3
♥Your shocked high-school girl, Petpet
P.S. I know people like me because I hang out with many people (even though I'm extremely quiet sometimes) but I'm just shocked that a random stranger liked me.


  1. I had a similar experience to that, when my step-brother told me that his best friend had a crush on me a few years ago and after he said that it got really confusing and now his best friend and him and i have discontinued being friends for some reason. I just made that complicated.... Aye, oh well, anywhoo...


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