Monday, September 23, 2013

Artwork: Pikachu Couple, Music Girl, and a Vocaloid Sketch

...I was bored this summer so I drew a bit. Here are some random artwork done by me.

Pikachu Couple:
One of my favorite pokemon is Pikachu. So I decided I would draw a couple in Pikachu hoodies. It doesn't have much detail as I would like but it turned out pretty well. My picture was inspired by the pikachu couple picture below my drawing.

Media used: Colored pencils and sketch pencils

Music Girl:
I wanted to draw something like myself so I drew a girl (that somewhat looks like me). The background is really weird because I drew this on a scratch piece of paper.

Media Used: Pen for outlining, colored pencils

Vocaloid Sketch:
This is a quick sketch I did during class one day. I was trying to draw Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid but it didn't work out.

Media Used: Sketch pencil

So those are just a few drawings I had. Maybe if I draw more, I can post a couple of drawings every month? I dunno.
(I had those watermarks so no one would copy my work and so people can reference to me with a drawing app I use.)


  1. OMG. Girl. These. Are. AMAZING! How long have you been doing manga for?
    PLEASE do more of these posts in the future!

    1. I think I've been manga/anime style for 2 years now? I'm not even sure. I know that I've been doing it a lot more lately though.
      And I will try to post more if I find the time to draw! :)


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Singing Hatsune Miku