Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AVENGERS= "Marvel"ous

Hey, so sorry for not posting for so many weeks. Time just goes by way too fast!! I can't believe November is almost over...

Anyways, I just wanted to talk about the movie Avengers because I FINALLY watched it last weekend.  

Warning for guys: The rest of this post is very girly because it talks a lot about the guys in the movie. It'd be very awkward for you to read but, it's your decision. Remember, I warned you.

I know this is super girly but the guys there are...
I have to say, Hawkeye is my favorite of all. Why? One word: Archery.

Archery has been used for centuries and it just looks so cool. (It's so much fun, too.) If you add that "archery look" with advanced technology, and a good looking person... how can I not like Hawkeye? Okay... maybe he DOESN'T have his own movie and maybe he kinda was bad at the beginning of the movie (ONLY BECAUSE OF LOKI!)... But he's still the best. (In my opinion.)

When it come between Katniss and Hawkeye though... I couldn't choose one.

The movie was hilarious and the action part was aweing. The plotline was pretty good... although they rushed through it a bit at some parts. The comedy created in the movie was hilarious though.

Best person in action has to be... Thor with his hammer. (All of the Avengers are great though.) I mean, BAM BAM BAM LIGHTNING! Aliens=dead. How is not cool? Plus, he is an immortal god... so that makes it ten times better.

What my friends and I think about each Avenger:
Hawkeye: Too cool! The gear and the look and the exploding arrows! Ooooh yeeaah.
Thor: Awesomness! If his hair wasn't long, he'd look pretty good.
Iron Man: He's 50 years old but doesn't look like it! Why must he be so old?!
Captain America: Wow wow wow. That body and his face... I don't crush on him but a particular friend does.
Hulk: He has anger issues... and it couldn't really happen in real life. Pretty cool with the action... but kinda hard to like a giant monster.
Black Widow: She's the only girl in the team? Oh well! She's great but... we're girls. We care more about the guys. ^^;
Loki (Not an Avenger but I want to talk about him): He's good looking... ish. Sure he's a bad guy but he's Thor's [adopted] brother! So... he's a god too.

Man, I think I could keep talking about this movie all day... but I won't because it'd end up taking forever. So in short, the movie was awesome and I loved it (waiting for next one...) All the guys are super hot. (Did I seriously just say that?) It's PG-13 but... one of the best movies ever. I've never really liked Marvel... until after the movie. Watching this movie with a bunch of girls... made it so much more fun.

After this, my goal is to watch all the other movies about these Avengers. (Iron Man I & II, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk...)

Anyways, hope I didn't sound to girly, out of control, or random because no matter how mature I am on the outside, I'm still a teenage girl on the inside. =)

Movie poster from google.com/images
GIF found on Tumblr.com
Hawkeye vs. Katniss picture created by ~RainbowPanda1699 on devianart.com
Avengers picture from thefwoosh.com


  1. My step-mom loves the Thor guy, and my sister loves Iron Man. xD I think that Loki was the guy I crushed on (I saw the movie a whiles ago, so I can't remember {so much has happened this year! GAHH}..). The Black Widow was, no questions, my favorite of the Avengers! :O I think that they also said that she was (OMG) a Romanav, eh? YAY! RUSSIAN SOMEHTING!!!! >.< 'Kay, so now I'm done... :P

    The Avengers is a really good movie, in my opinion. I liked all the action, and especially Thor and his hammer. *giggle* ahhh......e.e

  2. I saw the movie in theaters. It was EPIC!


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