Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey. I am so very sorry for not posting! I've been greatly busy with music, schoolwork, and social life. Anyways, recently, I've felt really "unique" and lonely. Maybe it's because we are learning about emotional/mental health or my past is haunting me once again.

Well, for these past weeks, I've been feeling... Rejected. I know I don't talk much. I guess that's because I'm so used to the traditional way of school life in China. When I was young, I learned that respect is a huge part of life. So, in class, I'm so quiet because I'm so used to giving them respect. I tend to be too quiet sometimes though.

So, since I don't talk much, I'm not too fun. My friends were planning to go to the release of Star Wars in 3D and I over heard them but I wasn't sure that I was invited. They never talked to me about it so I suspected that I wasn't invited. It didn't bother me too much but I just felt, ya know, rejected. That just brought me back to my childhood.

I tried to be myself and fit in but those never work. That's when I started to notice that I would have to be a lone wolf. I could have friends to chat with but there won't be someone that I could just share everything with... At school anyways. Online, that's a complete different story.

So, I guess being rejected is bad but I'll just have to keep moving on with life. Without friends in the real world, I can still survive with friends online. It may not be exactly the same but I sometimes think that unknown bonds are better. Well, I'll try and be posting more this month.



  1. I feel sorry for you, Petpet. Luckily, you have the forum...(P.S. my friend and her family watched it. Guess what? They said it was a ripoff.)

  2. ... Who would want to see Star Wars? No offense.


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